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We provide services related to the day-to-day running of companies – setting up and managing companies, opening bank accounts, or ready-made companies, regardless of the tax residency of natural persons. View the complete list of services offered.

Ready-Made Companies

The term “ready-made” isn’t the best way of describing a pre-established company. This is the kind of company where you can start doing business immediately and there’s no reason for you to wait for anything, we provide a ready-made company as a VAT payer or non-payer of VAT, excluding or including bank accounts.

Company Registered Office

Providing a registered office and a business address, is an easy first step for your company to make better use of tomorrow.

Bank Account Opening Services

Business isn’t just about making money, it’s about ideas, perennial work, financial literacy, art and the decision to not only carry the risk for yourself but also for others, and last but not least, about banks and taxes.

Anonymous Safe Boxes

Have you had enough of monitoring, life under cameras, digital surveillance and constant reporting to all authorities?

Company Establishment

It’s no secret that the business environment in each country has pros and cons.

Protection Against Blocking Assets for Entrepreneurs

Maybe the executor is ringing at your door. This unpleasant visit can take care of your downfall in your personal and professional life. It's up to you if you let him.

Offshore Companies

It’s no secret that at this moment in time, it’s relatively easy to move offshore companies between destinations and to take advantage of the fact that individual countries have started to create “competitive advantages” for companies that reside in them.


Two quantities that you cannot stop. The passing of time and the speed of changing legislation, especially in the international business environment. An international corporate structure that could have been advantageous for you a few years or months ago may now be a major threat to the safety of your capital and assets.

Trust Fund

Take the protection and management of your assets to the next level. Our services include the establishment of trust funds and their management.

Investment Fund

A progressive path to profit. The use of collective investment to generate profit is a well-known practice. However, the rules and procedures for setting up an investment fund or investment company are less well known.

Foundation / Endowment Fund

Think of a foundation or endowment fund as an association of property, i.e. movable, immovable, financial and intangible, for a specific purpose.

Family Office

We will take care of the management of family assets, companies, real estate and cash.

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