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Do you need help with recovering property or finances from an offshore area?

Two quantities that you cannot stop. The passing of time and the speed of changing legislation, especially in the international business environment. An international corporate structure that could have been advantageous for you a few years or months ago may now be a major threat to the safety of your capital and assets.

We will help you effectively protect or return capital from abroad, from offshore structures

Having assets tied up exclusively abroad may not be as advantageous today as before. Major international institutions such as the European Union and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are actively promoting greater transparency in international business. The emergence of a specific action plan and a series of directives means that doing business in previously advantageous offshore destinations no longer brings such benefits. If you fail to keep abreast of the constant changes in international law, the opposite can happen. You may unwittingly expose your finances and assets to the risk of being frozen.

The banks' new motto is: KYC, or know your client thoroughly

Banking secrecy has already been breached in a number of destinations, including countries that previously allowed ownership anonymity. Banks today have an obligation to know their clients thoroughly and to participate in the exchange of information between individual states and major financial institutions.

Banks and institutions want to know you thoroughly, and how sure you are that you know the current, international and currently valid legislation of your international business structure

  • To what extent it fulfills your original motives for establishing it
  • Does it still meet your requirements for bank secrecy and anonymity
  • What new tax regulations have been imposed on themselves
  • Under what conditions and whether its advantage of avoiding double taxation still applies at all
  • How effective it is for protecting assets and implementing flexible, rapid changes

Typical situations that we have already helped clients successfully handle

  • Blocking of funds in a foreign bank, mediation of the entire process with the aim of release and return
  • Increase in the tax burden in the form of withholding taxes due to the introduction of new regulations, loss of the benefits of avoiding double taxation
  • Loss of banking secrecy, breach due to new legislation, setting of a new framework
  • Damage to reputation, damage to the brand, treatment of confidential information and consistent elimination of risks in the future
  • Reassessment of consistent management and innovation of the entire structure, elimination of tax, financial, reputational, personnel and even existential risks

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