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Investment Fund

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Investment Fund

Investment fund, a unique capital appreciation tool, a tax-advantaged income

A progressive path to profit. The use of collective investment to generate profit has been a known practice for decades. However, the rules and procedures for setting up an investment fund or investment company are less well known. Don't be put off by the time and administrative complexity of the process.

We will help you!

The basic idea of an investment fund is the appreciation of money from individual depositors and the joint achievement of profit at low risk. This is possible mainly thanks to the distribution of risks, as the funds allow you to invest in a whole range of different projects, according to the investment strategy.

Spreading funds over multiple activities is much safer for depositors.

Within the framework of the investment fund, the money of many depositors is appreciated, the risk is diversified and the depositor receives expert and professional management of the fund. An investment fund has the form of a legal entity, usually a joint-stock company. Funds are invested by subscribing shares.

Each of the investors becomes a shareholder.

Establishment of an investment fund

Establishing an investment fund is a very demanding process that requires a long-term preparation of documents. You cannot do without legal and tax advice. You need to prepare the subscription of shares, the articles of association, the application for registration in the list of investment funds and much more. It is also necessary to perceive the connection to the local conditions of the regulator.

Set up an investment fund in cooperation with the professional consulting company ZENRON and its partners, who will guide you through the entire administrative and official process.

In cooperation with the renowned company ZENRON and its partners who have many years of experience in the field, the establishment of an investment fund will be convenient, easy and with minimal costs of time and funds for you.

With the help of our experienced and qualified professionals, you can have an investment fund established very quickly! We will be happy to give you the details.

We establish several types of funds for our clients according to their investment strategy.

Private Equity Fund

  • Capital for the duration of the fund, usually 10 years
  • Improving cashflow for your businesses
  • Full control over the fund management, possibility of high fund returns
  • Tax advantage of the corporate income tax rate of 5 % compared to the standard rate of 19 %

Real estate fund

  • Income from rental of owned real estate
  • Protection of funds from inflation
  • A safe investment in the form of co-ownership of real estate
  • Tax advantage of the corporate income tax rate of 5 % compared to the standard rate of 19 %
  • Effective management of an investment portfolio with a high yield

Venture Capital Fund

  • Private capital for financing business activities
  • Experienced mentors with a broad background of active investors
  • Tax advantage of the corporate income tax rate of 5 % compared to the standard rate of 19 %
  • An investment tool for your growth

Do not hesitate to use our services. At a non-binding informative meeting, we will be happy to work out a specific concept for financing your ideas.

Cooperate with real professionals in the field and become perfectly familiar with the issue of establishing and managing investment funds.

After filling out the contact form, we will convince you that cooperation with us is the best way to establish an investment fund.

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