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Family Office

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Family Office

We will take care of the management of family assets, companies, real estate and cash

Family ties are a unique connection, intertwined with many variables. Each generation is unique – it has its own specific wants and needs. Family property management should support the goals of the family as a whole, unite its members and lead in one direction. And if you are looking for a reliable advisor in solving all family and life matters, then Family Office is the right choice.

The Family Office service is an assistant in the management and administration of family property, real estate or joint finances. This assistance service provides individual solutions tailored to your business. If you are unfamiliar with the plethora of tools for managing finances and tangible assets, legal advice or thinking about transferring ownership, we are here to help. Together, we will find solutions that are in line with the requirements of a particular family and propose an optimal management strategy for the business that you have been building for years. We strive to create an environment in which your acquired capital will not lose value, despite generational changes or external factors. We strive to protect your assets, despite legislative changes or tax adjustments. Thanks to twenty years of experience, we can help you with all risky situations in business.

Long-term planning is the key to success

From a long-term perspective, the process of handing over a business is one of the riskiest factors in a family business. This is a major challenge for the whole family and should not be underestimated. The responsible transfer of property to the next generation is key to preserving the value of the property, but also for the bonds between children and parents. That is why it is a priority for us to ensure family cohesion and a smooth generational transition. We try to protect your family assets primarily by planning a long-term strategy, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Our goal is to reduce the risk of endangering your business as well as the families themselves to a minimum. The family office will research the legislation and tax system for you and advise on the best possible way to manage everything easily and conveniently.

Playing for yourself doesn't mean being the black sheep

We are able to provide a unique investment plan tailor-made for each individual client. Individual investments do not have to mean a split in the partnership, on the contrary, they can bring an interesting element to the joint portfolio of activities. In addition, if you have a specific intention towards which you would like to direct your business, we will help you establish a company for this purpose. We are no strangers to SVP administration, so do not hesitate to contact the experts from the Family Office team – they will be happy to advise you on choosing the right destination and help with complete administration and subsequent management of the company. We are experienced in property & facility management, so you don't have to be afraid to leave your property to us, be it a house, apartment or office. We will provide overall management, rental and maintenance.

Manage your leisure time like a business

The activities of the Family Office team also include taking care of the client themself in their free time or in their everyday life. Whether you need to get unavailable tickets to a concert of your child's favorite band or you don't know how to choose a vacation destination. If your hobby is art, science or you just like to support a good cause and you are thinking of a way to start an endowment fund or open your collections to the public, it is up to us to make it easy for you. Philanthropy has many faces.

Money well under control and without worries

If you or your descendants, as the future owners of a family business, do not understand concepts such as cash deposits, securities or escrow accounts, the experts from the Family Office will teach you how to deal with them. Money must be valued and we will help you master the secrets of banking, do not hesitate to ask for advice in the field of banking services. At the same time, we will also provide corporate financing for your family business, when we will adjust company accounts so that they are prepared for new opportunities and investments. By using mezzanine financing advice, you will also set the right risk ratio for your business.

Thanks to 20 years of experience, we can also help you with crisis situations in business and open new horizons in the field of family finances. If you are looking for a reliable adviser in solving all family and life matters, then the family office is the right choice, as it covers:

  • Protection of family assets – structuring in accordance with relevant legal regulations and regulatory requirements;
  • Distribution of investment risk – diversification of family assets;
  • Improving family cohesion and generational transitions – enabling debate within the family on strategic asset allocation and key investment decisions;
  • Clear measurability of family property management – introduction of proper property management processes;
  • Management of personal affairs of family members

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