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Trust Fund


Take the protection and management of your assets to the next level

Our services also include the establishment of trust funds and their management. Why is it useful and beneficial to set up a trust fund?

The history of trust funds dates back to the Middle Ages, when the nobility tried to protect their property and succession from the possibility of loss or mismanagement of their property.

The first trust funds had a clear task. To ensure that the property was still in the possession of the family, not threatened from outside, and selected individuals could enjoy the benefits of such properties, but could not arbitrarily dispose of them or encumber them.

A trust fund is a certain form of property management which is created by separating it from the property of its founder while staying completely anonymous. This property then becomes property without legal personality and then immediately becomes anonymous and independent property.

The founder of this fund then appoints a trustee who will take care of the property. The beneficiary, called intended recipient, is entitled to benefit from the property.

In accordance with certain conditions of the trust fund (statute), the beneficiary receives the gains of this fund, but cannot dispose of it in any way. Thanks to this rule, all property is carefully protected from possible risks.

Services we offer


Our experienced team of legal and tax specialists will help you set up a trust fund in an appropriately chosen destination based on your preferences and help you fine-tune everything down to the last detail.


If you are not completely sure whether a trust fund is suitable for you, we will be happy to help you find the pros and cons. We will take into account the possible risks and benefits, but also the necessary costs.


As for the administrator, you will receive a very professional approach and individual care. The task of such an administrator is to be a proper steward, manage all important processes or, for example, communicate with the protector.

Private purposes of the trust

  • Management and investing for a certain benefit
  • Controlling property using a trust fund and its independent connection with natural or legal persons is a great advantage. In this way, unwanted rapid changes, such as the sale of family property, are really prevented.
  • Ensuring intergenerational continuity
  • Allocating your property to a certain class very well reduces the threat of a bad intergenerational exchange.
  • Protection of the recipient's privacy
  • Neither the beneficiary, nor the owner, appear in any publicly available databases. The beneficiary can therefore use the property in any way without affecting his privacy.
  • Property protection
  • If you separate the property from its original owner, you will protect your property as much as possible. It then does not belong to any legal or physical person and is managed only for the benefit of the beneficiaries.
  • Distribution of assets
  • Protection against enemies

If you have your assets adequately protected by a trust, it is almost impossible for a hostile takeover to occur.

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