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Anonymous Safe Boxes

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Anonymous Safe Boxes

Now you too can have an anonymous safe deposit box

Have you had enough of monitoring, life under cameras, digital surveillance and constant reporting to all authorities? Do you feel that no one has access to your property and possessions and want to ensure your privacy? We fully agree with you and we have a solution for you. We offer safety deposit boxes and not just ordinary ones. Our safe boxes are completely anonymous.

What is the difference between a classic safety deposit box and ours?

You can have a classic safety deposit box set up at most banks. However, it is written directly to your name or company. At any time, especially in the case of execution or a court order, it is easily traceable and the banking institution is obliged to make it available. This is the case for both a natural person and a company.

In this case, it means that all assets, valuables, stored documentation and certificates suddenly fall from a seemingly safe environment into the hands of the „law“ and can be discussed by the public. At this moment, no one is asking how you will provide for your families and children and what you will live on. You will no longer get them back from the hands of executors and loan sharks.

You thus become a victim and there is no escape from the never-ending marathon of rolling machinery. Nobody cares about your fate and the future of your loved ones, employees. You become a business number and file number.

An anonymous safe box is one of the last options to keep your privacy.

Maintaining anonymity

The anonymous safe deposit box is not in any name and is truly completely anonymous. Only you know its number and only you have a key from it. No records, no bureaucracy and no documentation. It is only yours.

It doesn't really matter what your reason is. You may distrust banks, market volatility, or simply want to maintain your privacy and not let anyone else pry into your personal affairs.

Ensure protection and safety and spread your risks. It is always better to have several safes and not to centralize all valuables and documents in only one place.

By using our anonymous safe deposit box, you will gain a strong partner in us.

We are here for you.

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