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Company Registered Office

The most commonly required escrow service when purchasing a Ready-made company, or when setting-up a company, is a service to provide a company registered office. Providing a registered office and a business address, is an easy first step for your company to make better use of tomorrow.
Many starting businesses don’t want to have their registered office at their own address for personal reasons.

Whether it’s an office, a house or a flat, it’s always better to choose privacy and anonymity right from the start of your business.

Once you have your registered office, you have the first condition met for registering your business to the business register which we’ll happily do for you. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Ready-made company, or securing the foundation of a new company, we can fulfil your wishes by providing a prestigious address for the company’s regis­tered office.

Our addresses are prestigious and they’re not cellars, empty rooms and other inappropriate spaces.

Always avoid such places. It also entails the risk of a fine and the possibility of the cancellation of your company by the Commercial Court or the abolition of VAT payments.

You must also have a mailbox placed at that address and you must receive correspondence here, otherwise, again it could lead to fines.

A professional company such as ours will provide you with a residence at a prestigious address, which can be an apartment house or a non-residential premises, registered as an office where they also accept mail and provide you with more comfort when fulfilling responsibilities associated with providing the company’s regis­tered office.

We provide registered offices in 64 destinations worldwide.

We provide

  • Prestigious address directly in Prague, London, Budapest, Moscow, and a number of other destinations
  • Clear and legible image
  • Privacy in your place of residence
  • Anonymity in the capital city
  • Affiliation to the Tax Office according to the Company’s regis­tered office
  • Simple accessibility of offices and all institutions

Save costs

There are very few expenses, you’ll save money on rent, bills, phone and internet, as well as administrative expenses. You’ll also save on office equipment and the office insurance. Hiring any employees won’t be needed.

Next, you also outsmart bureaucracy in the form of reporting your business to the appropriate authorities, which requires the owner’s consent, lots of documents, forms, papers and confirmations. Your time is valuable.

We have a clear solution for you

We offer exclusive locations at very reasonable prices, which include:

  • Legal designation of your company’s regis­tered office
  • Statutory receipt of documents and their custody
  • At selected addresses, a warm welcome at the reception desk for your guests during working hours within the virtual office

The price does not include business rates and provision for traffic.

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