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Intergenerational Transfer

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Intergenerational Transfer

60 % of family businesses are currently dealing with the intergenerational transfer of the company. Some with a clear plan and vision, others caught off guard in a situation they were not prepared for.

Generational transition within a family business is often one of the biggest risks, as well as positive challenges, that will affect the lives of future generations. Responsible planning of the intergenerational process by the founders is a basic prerequisite for preserving the value of the company and the family's ability to control it. An asset plan allows for smooth capital management and at the same time can prevent conflicts and thus avoid crippling the functioning of your business.

70 % of family businesses do not have a succession or management plan for unexpected events.

Statistics show that prosperity and happiness favour those who are prepared:

  • Only 30 % of companies survive the transition between the first and second generation
  • Transition between second and third only 12 %
  • Only 3 % of companies survive the fourth

Keeping property in the family

Our team of specialized experts will help you create optimal conditions for a structured intergenerational transfer of capital, set up family business management structures appropriately, or propose rules that can help prevent family conflicts and time and financial losses. Together we will create a crisis plan in case of an unexpected event, and at the same time we will clearly compile the necessary information that will facilitate the further management and development of the company. We will also appropriately set the stake in the management of the company for individual family members. Time plays a significant role in this process – everything needs to be properly thought through and various scenarios of possible development should be taken into account. The goal is to find a balanced compromise and transfer the property into responsible hands.

What if the descendants are not interested in taking over the business?

In recent years, the question of intergenerational transfer of the company has been raised more and more often, not only in the professional field, but also among entrepreneurs. It is they who often encounter the disinterest of descendants in taking over what they have built over the years. And that is why we are ready to develop a suitable strategy for the sale of the company, the entry of a strategic investor or the appointment of external top management in the event that you decide not to pass the company on to your descendants.

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