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Dual Citizenship, Second Passport & Residency

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Dual Citizenship, Second Passport & Residency

One way to effectively protect your assets and engage tax optimisation is to obtain a dual citizenship.

Dual citizenship is a widely-used way of gaining new potential in your day to day life. If you belong to a group of people who have gained a lot of wealth in their lives, then one of your central concerns is to preserve and protect your assets.

Dual citizenship in the reality of everyday life means that you are a citizen of two (or more) countries, and therefore have the associated rights and obligations. Sometimes people may mistakenly think that dual citizenship brings additional administrative and tax burdens on their assets, but when set correctly, it is the opposite. It’s like handling kitchen knives. The knife can help you, it will simplify your life, but you may get injured if you misuse it. It depends on how skilled your mentor is, and if they’re able to teach you the best tips and tricks.

TOP 11 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dual Citizenship crutch, (Second Passport)


Today, governments themselves are the greatest threat to personal freedom and financial security. The risks for us are growing very quickly, in the speed of sovereign debt. At some point, politicians inevitably try to limit the movement of citizens in a desperate attempt to get every penny out of them.

The future is uncertain, the government is unstable and the global mood is faint. If you are aware of this situation and don’t want to be a puppet just watching and waiting, then you most likely would like to have the opportunity to pull out your second passport and travel wherever you want.

Privacy and property protection

We believe that everyone has the right to protect their privacy and assets, most countries however don’t have the same belief and therefore make registers and asset rights publicly accessible to everyone. This is one of the reasons why gaining dual citizenship is a great way of taking back that privacy.

Protection from attacks

Another reason for gaining dual citizenship is to gain protection for yourself or your family. If you are a high-ranking person, a successful entrepreneur or a well-known person, you may experience negative attitudes from a selected group of people in your home country, whose interest is clear, i.e. to harm you.

Tax optimization

One of the most common reasons for acquiring a dual citizenship is to protect your wealth through strategic tax planning. The tax burden in some countries is disproportionately high compared to the care you receive in your country. Getting a dual citizenship can help ease this burden.
Investments and international opportunities

Dual citizenship or a second passport will allow you to invest, use bank services and trade in places where you have previously been unable to work. More options mean more freedom and opportunities.

Generational benefits

Once receiving a second passport, your family can also receive the same benefits, including the next generations, this being your children and grandchildren. This opens up other possibilities for them that they once didn’t have.

Having access to quality healthcare and top world physicians is another reason to want to get dual citizenship or a second passport.

Improving the quality of life

This is the main reason why people want to obtain dual citizenship, a second passport. It makes sense to want to get unlimited possibilities for yourself and your family. Different passports have varied strengths, opting for a more secure second passport can open new doors for you.

Military service

If you or your children were forced into military service in your home country and this affects your current daily life, thanks to dual citizenship and a second passport you can make sure that you won’t be required to carry out this service.


This is an extreme case, but we live in a world where there will always be groups of people that want to get in the way of your success, and therefore resort to the extreme behaviour. Dual citizenship allows you to eliminate these types of threats to you and your family.

Waiver of citizenship

If you decide to take a drastic step of renouncing your citizenship, you will most likely need a second passport. When choosing a suitable destination, you can receive huge tax and regulatory benefits.

So how do you acquire dual citizenship, or a second passport?

We won’t say that getting a dual citizenship is easy, there is no ultra fast way of getting one. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get one.

You may have already realised that there is a lot of misinformation around the world and manipulative advice, the consequences of which may mean significant problems with long-term restrictions on movement. Your goal should be the opposite, to minimise their problems and expand their possibilities.

Two is better than one, and in the case of dual citizenship and a second passport, it’s even more so. Your freedom will come in the sense that no government will be able to dictate any conditions. If you don’t like one country, go to another.

You can begin to overcome traps and growing laws and unlock doors to international financial services.

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